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Axon Insights

Machines, AI and the future of intelligence-led policing

There is potential for data-driven policing to predict and prevent crimes. Still, racial equality campaigner Mecole Jordan-McBride, Senior Program Manager at NYU School of Law Policing Project and a member of Axon’s US ethics board, warns that its use comes with implications for civil liberties and BAME communities.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

The next generation’s lives are going to be shaped by AI like no other. I think it’s crucial that they understand the principles behind it, so I held a session for the local Scout group covering the basics – from how valuable their data is, to what kind of things machines can predict (and what they can’t).


99 Percent Lifestyle

Philosophy can help us navigate the digital age

The philosopher Charles Ess on how philosophy can help us to find our way in a time where technology is changing everything and create a world that’s worth living in. By Sonia Klug


A Veteran Video Game Designer on Why We Play

Eric Zimmerman believes that as games become a more accepted part of popular culture, designers will need to encode the values we want in their products

(launch issue – publication imminent)

Hungry eyes

The neuroscience behind our fascination with looking at images of food.


Hoxby Blog

The tech that’s revolutionising how we work

Digital platforms can bring teams together and boost projects, but the real transformation is that they allow us to work with anybody, anywhere.


Outdoor Fitness and Adventure (February 2020 issue)

Tracking goals and saving lives

Artificial Intelligence is not just about telling us how many calories we’ve burned or miles we’ve covered – it can monitor our health and habits and may even save your life one day. Sonia Klug reports

The Independent

Ebikes are revolutionising European cities. Why not in the UK

In the wake of growing climate awareness, electric bikes are speeding into the mainstream. So why is England falling so far behind in the race to go Lime green, asks Sonia Klug

The Independent

AI in our schools – a dystopian nightmare or a bright future?

New technologies in the classroom are giving students a more personalised path to learning. Initial results are promising but, Sonia Klug asks, what are the risks and benefits of letting machines teach the next generation?


AI changes how you see the world

By systematically distorting the images we see and create, A.I. is
shifting perceptions and ultimately changing our relationship with the physical world

Nikon Pro Magazine

Light Touch

Portrait specialists on the key to lighting on the fly using Speedlights

Amateur Photographer

AI in photography

Sonia Klug explores the ever-increasing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on photographic technology


The Laboratory Magazine

ARTificial Intelligence

Machine learning is seeping into all aspect of our lives – how is it changing art? Sonia Klug delves into the world of AI-inspired art and wonders what the future may hold.


99 Percent Lifestyle

The New Electricity

Machine learning is already all around us, but what impact will
it have on us? Sonia Klug talks to the artificial intelligence whizz and thought leader Caroline Sinders about the potential of AI to transform our lives as well as the problems that may bring.


The Laboratory Magazine

Interview with the artist and photographer Nick Waplington

Sonia Klug catches up with artist and Hackney local Nick Waplington to chat about the internet, process art and his work.


The Independent

10 best bridge cameras to capture that picture perfect moment

Whether it’s for capturing wildlife or stunning holiday snaps, invest in a versatile piece of kit


The Independent

10 best compact system cameras

Whether you’re off on holiday or want to take snaps of the kids, create high-quality pictures with a lightweight CSC


Nikon Pro Magazine

Moving Image Masterclass

Shooting cinematic footage with a DSLR has never been easier, but turning it into a gripping story is another matter. Francesco Zizola of NOOR tells you how


The International Moving Image Society

How to network (blog)

A solid network is an ideal foundation for a career that’s going places.


The Independent

10 best camera tripods under £150

Shoot sharper pictures and video with a light and sturdy tripod


The Independent

9 best instant cameras

Rediscover the joy of photography with these nostalgic instant cameras


Jessop’s IMAGE Magazine

Set your imagination free

Setting up a studio at home is much easier than you may think. A couple of flashes and a backdrop will take your photography to the next level – from shooting professional-grade portraits to letting your imagination run wild


Nikon Pro Magazine

Shoot for the Stars

The Nikon D850’s high ISO performance and resolution make it ideal for amazing night-shot time-lapse movies. Marsel van Oosten reveals how to get the perfect shots


Jessop’s IMAGE Magazine

Close encounters

Even the ordinary can be made to look extraordinary. Find out how a macro lens can give you an unusual view of the world

Nikon Pro Magazine

The Camera that has it All

With a high-end 45.7MP sensor, 9fps ultra-fast shutter speeds and 4K UHD video, the Nikon D850 is a total stills and video solution