Nikon Pro 2017 summer issue
I edited the re-launch and 100-year anniversary issue of Nikon Pro, a magazine by Nikon for Europe’s top professional photographers, published in five languages. If you’re on an iPad, click here to see the full edition.



Bringing products to life (B2C/B2B)
Through working for Nikon Pro magazine, I have many years’ experience writing about products and turning long spec lists into tangible consumer benefit and writing accessibly about the latest technological advances.


Business issues (B2B)
While working for Nikon Pro magazine I proposed a section to discuss the industry’s big issues to connect the magazine to its readers and position Nikon as a brand that really understands its customers. I researched and wrote these features for Nikon Pro for many years


Expert opinions
I also introduced Nikon Pro’s regular ‘Inside Knowledge’ feature, for which I sourced and interviewed three or four experts on a topic and wrote short advice pieces in their voice. It was a very effective way of getting big names and compelling content into the magazine.


Branded features
I enjoyed sourcing ideas and writing Nikon Pro’s hero features, which are in-depth articles about high-profile photography projects. The story behind the project always made for a fascinating feature and the story of how the photographer covered it allowed Nikon to celebrate its photographers as well as their camera gear.

I was a regular contributor to the World Wildlife magazine (the magazine of the World Wildlife Fund), writing a column on what we can do minimise our impact on the environment.



Consumer tips
I wrote a popular column for TUI Real Holidays magazine that gave readers tips on how to get the best out of their holiday photographs.



I regularly wrote Nikon Pro’s location features, was a regular contributor to the TUI Real Holidays magazine. I also wrote tips for shopping, culture and restaurants in Munich for the airline magazine Go.