I’m a freelance writer,

With a special interest in people as well as technology and how they intersect. I have been fascinated with digital technology, since covering the first digital cameras emerging on the market. Ever since, I have enjoyed making technology accessible, turning long spec lists into engaging features.

I find the staggering rise of digital technology – especially artificial intelligence and machine learning – exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Likened to electricity or mined salt in its transformative potential, these technologies could vastly improve our lives as well as harm us. 

Machine learning, for example, already shapes our daily lives, yet, most people understand little about it. I strongly believe that becoming more digitally literate is vital for individuals and society as a whole, so we that together we can find a way of making the most of the vast potential these technologies offer in a way that benefits all because one thing is certain: 

The future is here.